Woman sues Sephora after claiming makeup samples gave her herpes

A woman from California is reportedly suing Sephora after claiming a sample from the store gave her herpes. 

According to the TMZ report, the woman visited the cosmetics giant in October 2015 and tried on a sample tube of lipstick. She was later diagnosed by a doctor with oral herpes. 

The unnamed customer claims it was Sephora who gave her herpes because she never had a cold sore or herpes prior to the visit. Suing the chain for an "incurable lifelong affliction," she believes Sephora should have warned its customers about the risk of contracting such diseases. 

Most stores encourage their customers to clean their samples before use and provide sampling stations with cotton swabs and rubbing alcohol to clean the products.  

Reports the CDC, the oral version is most usually caused by HSV-1 and may result in fever blisters or cold sores in or around the mouth. However, it's worth noting that it can be spread through oral sex, causing genital herpes. 

To learn how to effectively clean your makeup tools, watch the video above.

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