Woman surprises grandparents on flight after saying she couldn't attend Europe trip

A woman told her grandparents she couldn't meet them on their trip to Europe - then surprised them on the flight.

Andrea Valentina, 22, surprised her grandparents - Ada, 78, and Jesus Rious, 80 - as they boarded a flight at Miami International Airport bound for Paris, France, and even managed to get a seat next to them.

Her grandparents were jetting off to visit Andrea's mum, Teri Valentina, 52, - who was living in the French capital at the time - and to celebrate her grandad's 80th birthday.

Andrea told her mum that she was going to surprise them on the plane and asked if she could book a hotel for the four of them.

Andrea filmed the moment she boarded the plane and captured her grandparent's astonishment.

Andrea, a blogger, from Miami, Florida, US, said: "They were in complete shock.

"My grandfather was looking at me like I was a ghost.

"He's a very intelligent man but he could just not understand how I got him.

"He was just asking me how I did it and my grandma was really excited. Luckily there was a seat right next to her.

"It was really difficult to keep quiet about it in the month leading up to the flight."

Andrea and her mum then took her grandparents to Le Train Bleu restaurant in the Gare de Lyon train station - famed for its stunning artistic interior.

"We took them to this amazing restaurant and had the best time," Andrea said.

"We celebrated my grandad's 80th birthday there.

"It was their first experience of a Michelin star restaurant, which was funny because my grandma is a really picky eater.

"It was a really nice time to spend together."