Woman Survives Car Crash Then Plunges To Death As She Tries To Scramble To Safety

The crash happened close to the famous resort of Saint-Tropez (Getty)

A woman survived a car crash only to die plunging off a cliff as she tried to scramble to safety.

The Swedish tourist, in her 20s, died after a crash in the south of France close to Saint-Tropez.

She was a passenger in a car with two other people during the accident late on Wednesday, reported The Local France.

The driver of the car, an American man, swerved to avoid another vehicle on a road in Sainte Maxime.

The car rolled several times but the woman, along with another female passenger, escaped with minor injuries.

French Media reported the trio had met at a party (Getty)

However, the car came to rest in the middle of a road and in their attempts to avoid being hit by other traffic, they both hopped over railings at the side of the road.

As it was dark they could not see there was a 10-metre drop on the other side of the railings.

The Swedish woman subsequently fell to her death, while her female companion survived without serious injury after falling on to vegetation. 

Police are investigating to see if drink or drugs were involved in the crash.

French media were reporting that the two women may have met the driver at a party.