Woman tells how she survives on a diet of BISCUITS after being struck down with a rare stomach condition

A woman suffering from a rare stomach condition has told how she survives eating a diet of only BISCUITS.

Talia Sinnott munches up to ten digestive biccies and plain crackers a day because it’s the only food she can keep down.

The 25-year-old suffers from gastroparesis, a chronic illness which means her stomach struggles to process food.

She was diagnosed with the rare condition four years ago and Talia’s illness was so bad she was sick up to 30 times a day.

Talia’s weight also plummeted by three stone until she weighed just five stone.

For the last six months she has relied on a feeding tube to provide her with nutrients she needs and the only solid food she can eat are McVitie's digestives.

The trainee clinical psychologist is now trying to raise £80,000 to have a gastric pacemaker fitted which will help her stomach accept other foods.

Talia, from Tettenhall, Wolverhampton, said: “It’s very hit and miss, some days the biscuits sit okay and sometimes they don’t.

“I can’t eat a lot in one go and I have to pick at them throughout the day.

“I also do this with Ritz crackers.

“It’s bizarre, some crackers I can have, some crackers I can’t.

“At the moment, I can eat crackers by itself, but I can drink squash.

“There is no pattern at all to my eating so it’s always a guessing game and I haven’t got a safe food I can rely on.

“One day I can be absolutely fine with eating a certain kind of food and then three days later I can’t tolerate it.

“I went through a stage of being able to stomach mash potato because it’s soft but now I can’t.

“It’s really difficult because it’s not like an intolerance where you can avoid a certain type of food - it’s very random."