Woman throws TikTok into an unintentional uproar with huge debate about pajama hygiene

Woman spurs viral TikTok debate about pajamas

How often do YOU wash pajamas after they’ve been worn? Meaning, do you wear your pajamas multiple times in a row before they go in the hamper, or are you more of a ‘one-and-done’ pajama-wearer? Well, if you’ve been on TikTok lately, you probably already know this is the debate of the moment.

TikToker Allison Delperdang shared a video posing this very question, and basically set the entire clock app into an (unintentional) uproar over pajama hygiene.

“I need to know if people wear pajamas multiple nights in a row,” she asks in the now-viral video. “When I was younger, my parents always made us wear pajamas multiple nights in a row because they weren’t dirty. I still do that as an adult. I’ve worn these like, three nights in a row.”

For me personally, I’m a wear ’em twice and then wash ’em kind of gal. I shower at night, so I get into them when I’m fresh and clean. But thanks to having small children, nothing I wear stays clean for long.

Apparently everyone on earth has wildly differing views on what constitutes clean when it comes to pajamas and what doesn’t, if the comments section is any indication.

I wear them for like a week straight haha I hate doing laundry.

No. I don’t reuse towels either. lol.

no, new ones every night for me, I don’t wear jeans more than one day either (I know some people wear jeans several days in a row too).

Wait. There’s people that DONT wear their pjs multiple nights in a row????

I wear it till I feel like it’s dirty or I have a rough night of sweating


I wear mine for like a week! Come on, it’s freshly showered body in clean bed

Unless they’re sweaty and/or dirty, absolutely yes. It’s wasteful to change them every day!

new pj’s every 4 days, sheets 1x per week, towels every 3 days

So how about YOU? How many times do you wear your pajamas before washing? While TikTok may not be a judgement-free zone, this place is. Shhh, we won’t tell!

A version of this article was published in January 2023. It has been updated.