Woman turns husband’s quotes during childbirth into ‘hysterical’ motivational video

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Woman turns husband’s quotes into ‘motivational quote’ video  (Instagram / @jessica.bryce.perez)
Woman turns husband’s quotes into ‘motivational quote’ video (Instagram / @jessica.bryce.perez)

A woman has amused other mothers after turning the things her husband said while she was in labour into a video of quotes.

Jessica Perez, from Alabama, recently decided to try a social media trend that sees people turn things their partners have said into Pinterest-esque inspirational quotes.

For the trend, Perez decided to use statements that her husband made while she was giving birth to the couple’s four children, with all of the quotes set to Vanessa Carlton’s A Thousand Miles.

The video begins with a clip of Perez in labour while her husband stands next to her in the hospital, before transitioning to a quote that reads: “At least you get the comfy bed. I have to sleep on this couch.”

The quote, which was placed on a backdrop of a cloudy blue sky, then transitioned to one that read: “Are you almost done? The cafeteria closes soon and they have taco bowls tonight.”

Additional quotes revealed that Perez’s husband at one point complained while she was in labour that his back was hurting him, while the final quote, set against a backdrop of mountains, read: “There’s no way I’m looking down there. You can’t come back from that.”

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“Kent. You’re the wind beneath my wings. Your strength gives me strength,” the mother-of-four jokingly captioned the video.

In the comments, many expressed their amusement over the clip, with one person writing: “I’m almost crying laughing.”

Another person said: “I can really relate to these ‘motivational’ quotes! I mean, it must have been really hard for them right?!”

While most people were amused by the video, others shared their concern with the “disrespectful” comments, with some people urging Perez to divorce her husband.

“Throw him away,” someone wrote, while another person said: “Why do y’all think this is okay?”

However, according to Perez, her husband’s comments don’t show the whole picture of their marriage, with the mother-of-four telling Today: “You saw a fifteen-second video where I took my husband’s jokes out of context and you think my marriage is doomed.

“I was the youngest of six kids and four of my siblings were brothers and they always teased me really hard. I learned at a young age what was playful, loving, teasing and what is actually mean-spirited behaviour.”

Perez also added that her husband could “definitely” make a similar video using her own quotes and that “this is my marriage in a nutshell”.

This article was originally published in April 2021.

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