Woman upset by boyfriend’s negative reaction to meeting her friends: ‘I felt excluded’

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A guy told his girlfriend he didn’t like hanging out with her friends, now he feels like a big jerk. 

He shared the dilemma on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum. The problem was his girlfriend and her friends all went way back and he felt left out the whenever they all spent time together. 

“I feel like a major a******,” the user explained. “Last week I went to a small Friendsgiving gathering with my girlfriend with her best friends and their boyfriends. It’s important to note, all of her friends and their boyfriends grew up in the same town together, while I did not. Anyway, the party lasted about three hours and the only topic of discussion was them all talking about people they went to middle or high school and how much of a train wreck those people’s lives were.”

The user just stayed quiet most of the time and played with a friend’s cat. 

“When we came to leave at the end and in the car, my girlfriend asked me if I had a good time and I said that I didn’t and that I felt excluded from the group,” the boyfriend wrote. “We’ve all hung out before and the same thing happened and I asked to please try to make me feel a little included. I straight forward told her that, ‘I didn’t have a good time and that the party wouldn’t have been any different with or without me being there.'” 

Reddit users didn’t think what he said was so bad after all. 

“You’re right that it wouldn’t have been any different with or without you,” one person said

“She asked a question, you answered honestly,” another wrote

“You were honest and it wasn’t attacking her or her friends,” someone added

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