This Woman Went Mega Viral After Taping "Looking For A Rich Husband" Posters Across New York, And It's Truly Iconic

If we're being honest, dating sucks right now. Swiping on dating apps seems to lead to more negative experiences than good; getting out of your bubble to meet new people is daunting; and not everyone who claims they're looking for love is actually truthful.

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Perhaps it's time to change up the approach — especially if you're looking for a specific type of love interest. Like, say, someone with the financial means to support your every desire.

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Well, if you're interested in the same, feel free to take notes from 29-year-old model and influencer Karolina Geits. In a video reaching over 24.3 million screens, Karolina walked around the streets of New York with a stack of flyers and one goal in mind: Find a rich husband.

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Simply put, Karolina posted dozens of fliers with the words "Looking for a rich husband" printed at the top, along with a QR code paramours could access for more information on next steps.

Karolina's posters on a New York wall
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And she was incredibly thorough. The New Yorker shared her flyer on light posts...

Karolina hanging flyers
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Karolina hanging flyers
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Flyers on mailboxes
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...and even directly in the hands of potential future hubbies.

Karolina handing a man a flyer
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Curiosity truly got the better of me, so I reached out to Karolina about the tongue-in-cheek clip and asked just how serious her quest was. To which she said, "I am indeed serious and longing for a family, as I live alone in New York and miss the warmth of family evenings."

"This wasn't my first attempt to find a husband," she continued. "In the summer of 2023, I took to the streets with a sign seeking a husband but ended up finding friends instead of a life partner. So, I decided to make another attempt, this time specifying a wealthy husband because I know what I want in a bustling city like New York."


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And though it may not surprise you, the flyers gained a lot of interest. "The reaction on the streets was overwhelmingly positive," Karolina told BuzzFeed. "Men approached me, curious about who I was looking for, and some even asked me out. I received many messages from men, and I'm currently choosing carefully. If I find a husband, I'll definitely let you know."

"potential hubby who spotted the flyers
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In her video, Karolina seemingly shared messages she received from QR scanners, including men proclaiming, "I'm the husband you're looking for," and "I saw your ad on my car today. Do you have time next week? My income is $10 million."

Screenshot of messages to Karolina from potential suitors
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But she's only taken one gentleman up on his offer to woo her, Karolina divulged. "I have received messages from influential and public figures, and I've even been on a date. But I'll keep the details secret for now," she said.

Karolina hanging posters
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In the meantime, our queen has completed similar stunts around the city — first by asking wealthy locals for Birkin money and then money for Chanel. "I was able to secure funds for Chanel but haven't received the full amount to purchase the Birkin yet," the 29-year-old said.

Karolina hanging a flyer

Regardless of how well her searches fare, Karolina hopes her videos inspire other woman to recognize what they want and deserve, and go after it. "My advice to fellow women is, 'Ask and you will receive.' Every woman should understand that she is a goddess. Allow yourself to be a goddess, and amazing changes await you."

If you'd like to keep up with Karolina and her search for a husband and Birkin, you can follow her on TikTok.