Woman wins 'KitKat lottery' after rare find but others say they'd be angry

A photo of a KitKat
-Credit: (Image: PA)

A woman recently shared her surprising discovery of a wafer-less KitKat Chunky, which she described as akin to winning the "lottery". However, it's caused quite a divide online.

In a post to Reddit's r/CasualUK, the woman shared all about her rare KitKate. She said: "My husband says I've won the KitKat lottery. Just had a KitKat Chunky and got no wafer! I was a bit disappointed but my husband says he's very jealous and I've won the KitKat lottery."

According to the Manchester Evening News, the woman's unusual find sparked debate amongst the online community with many arguing that the essence of a KitKat lies in its wafer centre. One said: "Why would you be happy if a KitKat has no wafer? Isn't that the point."

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Others suggested that the chocolate mishap made the woman's bar closer to a Yorkie bar. She hit back at the questions in a later post.

She said: "I took a bite and thought it was just the solid chocolate bit off the end. Soon realised it wasn't!"

The rarity of the chocolate led many to call on the woman to speak with KitKat's makers, Nestle. One said: "You can report this to Nestle and they will send you a voucher (I've done this before)".

Another recounted a tale from their childhood when their sister found a wafer-less KitKat and was rewarded handsomely after contacting the company. They said: "My sister had this as a kid. Wrote a letter to KitKat and they sent a gift pack as an apology with loads for us."

Others felt that the rarity of whole chocolate KitKats wasn't that unusual many years ago. One said: "You used to get random solid chocolate kitkats quite frequently. I assumed they were a thing of the past."

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