Woman writes 434 metre-long letter to sibling on missing Brothers Day

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An Indian woman from Kerala’s Peermade in Idduki district wrote a letter to her angry brother and the letter weighed five kilos (Screengrab/Times Now/ YouTube)
An Indian woman from Kerala’s Peermade in Idduki district wrote a letter to her angry brother and the letter weighed five kilos (Screengrab/Times Now/ YouTube)

A woman reportedly wrote her brother a 434 metre-long letter on billing rolls that weighed more than 5kg to make up for forgetting to wish him on Brothers Day.

The gesture came from Krishnapriya, a resident of India’s southern Kerala state, who was identified only by a single name in local media reports.

She decided to write the really long letter to her brother after he felt slighted when she forgot to wish him on Brothers Day celebrated on 24 May.

Her younger brother, 21-year-old Krishnaprasad, had ceased all communication with her and blocked her on WhatsApp. The sister, who works as an engineer in India’s southern Kerala state, decided to write about her love for her brother, the Press Trust of India news wire reported.

The letter ended up being 434 metre long. When the brother received the parcel two days later, he initially thought it was a birthday present but was surprised to find the epic letter that weighed about 5.27kg.

“I forgot to wish him on Brother’s day. By evening he stopped taking my calls and also blocked me on WhatsApp. So I decided to write him a letter. I began writing on A4 size sheets, but soon realised that it would be insufficient as I had a lot to convey to him,” she told local media.

“So I decided to buy longer sheets. But when I went to the market, they said they only have billing rolls which are longer. So I brought 14 rolls. It took me around 12 hours to complete the entire letter which measured 434m in length and 5kg in weight.”

Ms Krishnapriya spoke of her love for her brother who is seven years younger than her.

“We have a seven-year age gap. So he respects me and fears me a little like a mother or a teacher. We are very attached to each other and share a very friendly relationship,” the report quoted her as saying.

“While growing up, we were like twins — as we would be wearing the same colour dresses on special occasions in the family.”

“I was hurt and disappointed when she did not wish me on Brother’s Day this year. I called her later in the day, but she was busy with work and therefore, I did not speak for long and ended the call. Thereafter, I blocked her on WhatsApp. She must have felt bad about what happened and that is why she wrote the letter. I was very happy when I received it,” Krishnaprasad said.

Krishnapriya took about 12 hours to write the letter to her younger brother.

Meanwhile, she also believes that this could be the longest letter written ever and so she has applied to the Guinness World Records.

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