Woman's eyelids glued shut after botched eyelash extensions

Eliza Velk
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A woman’s eyes were glued shut after a botched salon procedure. Stock photo. [Photo: Getty Images]

WARNING: Graphic images below

A woman walked away from a salon with her eyes swollen shut after a standard eyelash extension procedure went horribly wrong.

After leaving a salon in Phuket, Thailand, the woman was frantically left seeking help after realizing her beautician had used super glue to attach the new lashes rather than the correct cosmetic adhesives.

A woman’s eyes were glued shut and swollen after super glue had been used to attach her eyelash extensions instead of cosmetic adhesive. [Photo: Facebook/Fara Beautysalon]

Now the video of the tear-inducing removal procedure to fix the botched job has since gone viral on Facebook.

Fara, the beautician who took on the brave task of removing the fake lashes and shared the video as a warning, said it was the most difficult case she encountered after a decade of practice.

She claimed the woman had come running into her salon for help last Friday only the glue had already hardened and her eyes were already very swollen, according to Sanook. 

In order to remove the lashes gently, Fara first applied a certain solution to soften the glue and then used a steel cuticle pusher to brush the fake lashes away from her eyes.

Beautician Fara took on the brave task of carefully removing the fake lashes with a steel cuticle pusher. [Photo: Facebook/Fara Beautysalon]

It’s unclear where the woman got the initial extension procedure done however after the whole frightening ordeal the left her with fewer lashes than she started with, and we can’t imagine she would ever be going back.

Naturally, viewers were left shocked and upset by the way this woman had been treated with super glue, prompting Fara to urge others to make sure they do their research before picking a salon.

The remnants left over after the removal of the botched eyelash extensions. [Photo: Facebook/Fara Beautysalon]

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