Woman's 'game-changing' wheelie bin hack means you never have to make separate trips

A hand next to a wheelie bin
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Whether it's a topic you revel in or dread each week, the nature of bin day is a frequent neighbourhood conversation. There's no denying the unfavourable consequences of neglecting bin day - forget to wheel your bin onto the main road and you could risk an undesirable build-up of waste due to uncollected rubbish.

Despite this, bin collection day can undeniably prove quite bothersome. The task of remembering to wheel out your bins, followed by moving them back within property boundaries may not consume excessive time, but it can certainly create annoyance - especially when multiple bins are involved, reports the Mirror.

However, a woman has unveiled her 'game-changing' technique designed to simplify the process of escorting multiple bins into your home - people are buzzing with anticipation to give it a go. Mum-of-two Charli released this tip on TikTok in a video that has now captured the attention of more than 630.9k viewers.

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Audibly heard within the video, the 33-year-old said: "Hack for you all, to put the bins away, so you don't have to come back to do them separate."

The strategy involves connecting two bins together, enabling their easy return in one swift move. Initially, the two bins are positioned adjacent to each other with one lid opened. The lid of the second bin is then fittingly placed into the first, with the initial bin lid reinstated over the top.

Uniquely, as one bin is shifted, the second follows suite - eliminating the necessity for multiple trips. It has gone down a storm with viewers on TikTok.

One said: "OMG. Definitely trying this now." A second said: "So doing this in a minute", while a third added: "Right, that's me come this Thursday. Makes my life easier."

Other remarked on the plan's practicality. One said: "This is handy when you have more than 2 bins to move."

The hack comes alongside a gentle reminder in which it is considered best to take out your bin on the designated bin day and bring it back inside after it's been emptied. Additionally, avoid obstructing driveways, bus stops, cycle lanes, and footpaths.

Those who do not follow this guidance risk fines. Garden Buildings Direct has warned that improperly placed bins could lead to fines up to £80 if they cause or are likely to cause a nuisance.

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