Woman's warning after sex predator, 41, posed as Uber driver then groped her

After suffering at the hands of an accused sexual predator posing as an Uber driver a Queensland woman is speaking out to warn others.

“Initially when he started touching me I froze and then I thought no I can’t freeze,” Melissa Lochead said.

The 32-year-old was waiting for an Uber in the early hours of September 8 when a black SUV pulled up.

Melissa Lochead (pictured) spoke out about her ordeal
Melissa Lochead (pictured) spoke out. Source: 7News

“He hung out the window and said would girls like a ride, I’m an Uber,” Ms Lochead said.

He was not an Uber driver. Instead police say the 41-year-old driver was a predator.

From the Valley, just north of Brisbane, he drove Melissa to a nearby McDonalds and asked her to jump in the front seat.


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“I said no I’d like to get in the back and then he said it’s fine, it’s fine just get in,” Ms Lochead said.

From there to her home in Woolloongabba, south of Brisbane, it’s alleged his behaviour drastically changed.

“He started making remarks about my body and saying you’ve got a lovely body,” Ms Lochead said.

Detective Senior Sergeant Rogers (pictured) of Queensland Police
Detective Senior Sergeant Rogers (pictured) of Queensland Police. Source: 7News

Police say the man exposed himself and began touching her.

As the car stopped outside Melissa’s apartment she ran, and phoned police. She later learned she wasn’t alone.

“He’s patrolling those streets and obviously being quite calculated,” Detective Senior Sergeant Ken Rogers of Queensland Police said.

So far five victims have come forward. All were allegedly assaulted in the last month and police fear there could be more.

“This man is now been remanded in custody and we’re keen to hear from anybody who may have information,” Detective Senior Sergeant Rogers said.

While this man wasn’t an Uber driver, safety concerns have seen the popularity of all-female ride-sharing app Shebah boom.