Wombles chosen as Boris Johnson's green ambassadors to champion COP26 climate change summit

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The Wombles have been revealed as Boris Johnson's environmental advocates in the run up to major climate change talks this November in Glasgow.

The Wombles are well-known children's characters from the 1970s that came up with creative ways to reduce waste to help the environment.

The eco-warriors were "brought out of hibernation" this year with a CGI-makeover in order to spread their message of "local environmentalism" and inspire a new generation of environmentalists.

Now they have announced they will feature in a series of short, animated films on social media as a part of the UK government's Together for Our Planet campaign.

The furry animals will advocate things like greener travel, reducing waste and boosting gardens, particularly in the run up to COP26, the UN climate talks, due to take place in Scotland.

A "statement" from the character Great Uncle Bulgaria said: "We are delighted to support #OneStepGreener. We would like to encourage everyone (young and old) to join in and do their bit for the environment.

"If we all behave like Wombles, we can make a difference to the health of our country and our planet."

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