Women’s Aid launches campaign to highlight domestic abuse during Euro 2024

Charity Women’s Aid are raising awareness of domestic abuse during the European Championship by launching a fundraiser, with the charity telling survivors “you are not alone”.

The campaign seeks to highlight the spike in domestic abuse incidents that can occur around football matches and is fronted by influencer and personal trainer Alice Liveing, who said she had experienced domestic abuse as a teenager.

Women’s Aid head of media Teresa Parker told the PA news agency: “Campaigns like this highlight the issue of domestic abuse, which is so common but often is hidden behind closed doors.

“While football doesn’t cause domestic abuse, incidents can spike after big football games, so it is vital we signpost to support and also start important conversations to let survivors know they will be believed if they speak out.”

One study has shown a rise of up to 38% in cases of domestic abuse after football matches, the charity said.

Farah Nazeer, chief executive of Women’s Aid, said: “Football unites so many in supporting and rooting for their team, yet for those living with domestic abuse, big tournaments can leave them feeling isolated and fearful as existing abuse can become more severe and frequent in this period.

“With one in four women experiencing domestic abuse during their lifetime, it is important now more than ever to raise awareness and help them and their children take those first vital steps towards a life free from abuse.”

Alice Liveing attending an awards ceremony
Influencer Alice Liveing started working with Women’s Aid in 2018 (Ian West/PA)

GoFundMe have offered to match the first £5,000 donated to the campaign.

Influencer Ms Liveing, who started working with Women’s Aid in 2018, said: “I was drawn to working with the charity after experiencing my own case of domestic abuse when I was only 16-years-old, in the first relationship that I got into.

“I feel so passionate about supporting the invaluable work that they do.

“While you’re watching the Euros this summer, remember that for a lot of women and children it’s going to be an especially difficult and scary time. Your donations could save lives.”

The funds raised would be used for “life-saving services” so that the charity could “continue to help women and children living in fear of domestic abuse”, Ms Parker said.

Addressing domestic abuse survivors, Ms Parker said: “Just know that you are not alone, it is not your fault and there are people who will understand and help.

“And for those not directly affected, everyone has a role to play to help end domestic abuse. You can put up posters, learn what to say to someone experiencing abuse or speak to your workplace to see if they have a domestic abuse policy.

“Every small action helps.”

The fundraiser can be found at gofundme.com/f/womensaid2024.