Women ‘are more sexually satisfied in their 80s than earlier in life’

If you’ve ever worried that your sex life might slow down once you’re getting on a bit, here is some good news.

Not only do old people have a lot of sex, according to research by the International Longevity Centre – people (in particular women) are more sexually satisfied at age 80.

Researchers from the International Longevity Centre UK interviewed 7,000 over-50s – and found that women in their 80s are more sexually satisfied than women in their 50s, 60s and 70s.

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They also find it easier to become aroused, according to the University of Manchester researchers – perhaps because relationships become stronger in old age.

Dr David Lee, of the University of Manchester, said: ‘We know that positive sexuality and intimacy throughout the life course is linked to higher levels of happiness and wellbeing.

‘Some people said their sexual lives were curtailed in their 50s because they still had children at home.

‘Sometimes quality of life improves as you get older.’