WOMEN LEAD CHANGE: Gabel commits to making Clinton better

Mar. 23—Dr. Angela Gabel of Gabel Chiropractic has been in Clinton since she was 11 years old and has committed her life to making Clinton a better place.

After getting her degree from Palmer College of Chiropractic, Gabel got her first job here in Clinton and opened her first practice shortly after.

"When you leave school you're kind of afraid of what's going to happen out there, but after I was at my first job for a month and a half, I was very confident that I could do it on my own," Gabel said.

She has worked out of her current location, 217 6th Ave S, for 11 years now. Gabel quite simply just loves helping people, more specifically moms and their infants.

"I am a prenatal, postnatal chiropractor and I also take care of infants. I love educating and empowering moms for their best birth possible. Just helping them cultivate their motherly intuition. Sometimes we don't think we know as much as we think we should," Gabel said.

Helping her patients feel better and to get their bodies right once again is her biggest reward.

"The most rewarding part of my job is when peoples bodies function at their optimal level. A lot of people will come to the chiropractor because their bodies hurt but a lot of my patients stay for the wellness," Gabel said.

Not only has she been doing chiropractic but she has added health coaching as another skill set she can offer.

"Without goals you're stagnant. I've also been doing health coaching. That's on the horizon for me in addition to chiropractic. It all really intertwines," Gabel said.

Aside from her job, Gabel has made it a part of her life to give back to her community by being on several boards as well as participating in several activities throughout the year.

"I have done just a little bit of everything. I do a lot of board work. When my daughter was little I helped out with Girl Scouts being her troop leader and also was in charge of recruiting for the Clinton area," Gabel said. "There's a lot of stuff."

A big passion of hers is baseball which has gotten her involved with the LumberKings, helping them find host families so that baseball can continue to be played here in Clinton.

She also helps out with the George M. Curtis Historical Foundation, helping keep the house well maintained.

"If something needs fixed, we will be the ones doing it. Our current project right now is restoring the ceiling in the library to it's original state," Gabel said.

When asked about what she loves about Clinton, she simply responded with 'What's not to like?'

"Everybody says there's nothing to do in Clinton but I completely disagree. We have the showboat, we have baseball, we have kids museums and tons of concerts throughout the summer time. During the winter there's trivia nights all over the place." Gabel said. "If you can't find something to do in Clinton, I don't think you're looking hard enough."

Gabel, along with her high school sweetheart Jesse Gabel, continue to support Clinton in anyways they can.

"My husband (Jesse) was born and raised here in Clinton, I moved here when I was 11, but have made this my home. Basically anything him and I can do to make Clinton a better place for people to live has always been our goal," Gabel said.