Women are more sexually fluid than men (and it’s happening later in life)

Rob Waugh

Women are more sexually fluid than men, finding it easy to have relationships with either men or women – and the changes of middle age may make it easier to explore those feelings.

Research by the North American Menopause Society (NAMS) found that many women do opt to have same-sex relationships later in life.

More research is needed to understand why this is the case, said Dr Lisa Diamond of the University of Utah.


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Dr Diamond says, ‘it’s a complicated dynamic between hormonal changes, physical experiences, and, certainly sexual desires.’

That doesn’t mean women are intentionally changing their sexual orientation, but for various reasons, such change is often happening later in women’s live.

Some women may actually change back and forth multiple times during different life stages.

Dr Diamond says, ‘We don’t know if fluidity is more likely at certain life stages than others. But one of the things we have observed is that individuals, but especially women, go through changes that give them a little more freedom.

She told the Daily Mail, ‘People are living longer, so when we talk about menopause and post-menopausal changes, we’re talking about a substantial portion of your life, so there’s a lot to study about how sexuality evolves at that part of life.’