Women think Gen Z will find menopause ‘easier’ – as it becomes less taboo

Women think Gen Z will find it ‘easier’ to go through the menopause than them – as the subject becomes less of a taboo. A study of 2,000 women found 63 per cent of those who are currently or have gone through ‘The Change’ think their younger counterparts will have a more positive experience than they have. And while half of Gen X admitted they went into it ‘blindly’ with little information, 48 per cent of Gen Z already feel they have the knowledge they need to help them face it. It also emerged 49 per cent of women no longer see the menopause as a taboo subject, with 61 per cent putting this down to TV shows now openly speaking about it. While 55 per cent said the same of celebrities sharing their own experiences, and 46 per cent feel society is paying more attention to female-focused issues. A spokesperson for Vitabiotics Menopace, which commissioned the research, said: “The taboo around menopause is slowly starting to fade thanks to the many campaigns of awareness and education over the last decade or so. “This means younger women now feel more comfortable talking about what is to come in the future, helping them feel more prepared than their mums and grandparents might have done.