Women of village come forward to help authorities in central India

Women workers came forward to help local authorities after they ran out of burning wood at the crematorium in central India's Madhya Pradesh on April 29. The incident took place in Sagar. Visuals from the incident feature the women working in the cowshed. They work together to create cow dung logs. They mash the dung on the top of a machine, which later gives out the long wood-like sticks. The women of the Badadev self-help group run a cowshed housing over 100 animals. They produce cow dung, milk, manure, and logs. Moreover, upon realizing that the local crematorium ran out of burning wood, they donated the wood from their cowshed for the purpose. The women produce nearly 50 kgs (110 lbs) worth of logs in the cowshed. All of them came together and donated around 30 quintal (6,613 lbs) worth of logs from their cowshed to the local crematorium, amidst the rising cases of deaths due to COVID-19 infection.