Wonder Woman 1984 release date pushed back as Charlie's Angels reboot fills spot

Jack Shepherd
Wonder Woman: Warner Bros

Wonder Woman 1984’s release date has been pushed back. The superhero sequel was scheduled to reach cinemas 1 November, 2019, but has been delayed until 6 June, 2020.

Warner Bros – the studio behind the recent spate of DC comics-based movies – are claiming the move was made because the original Wonder Woman was released in June, and so the two dates now coincide with each other.

“We had tremendous success releasing the first Wonder Woman film during the summer, so when we saw an opportunity to take advantage of the changing competitive landscape, we did,” Warners president of domestic distribution Jeff Goldstein said. “This move lands the film exactly where it belongs.”

Originally, Mark Wahlberg’s re-imagining of Six Billion Dollar Man was set to reach cinemas on the June date, but has since been completely removed from schedules by Warner Bros.

With the second Wonder Woman not coming next year, Sony have pounced on the opening, announcing that their Charlie’s Angels reboot – starring Kristen Stewart, Naomi Scott, and Ella Balinska - will now take that 1 November date.

Elizabeth Banks is directing in Charlie’s Angels and starring as their unseen boss, Bosley. Patrick Stewart and Djimon Hounsou plays the other two Bosleys.

Wonder Woman 1984 reunites director Patty Jenkins and actor Gal Gadot. There are still two DC movies coming to cinemas in 2019: Joaquin Phoenix’s The Joker and Zachary Levi-starring Shazam!.