Wonder Woman fans question whether Amazonian's armpits have been photoshopped in new 'origins' trailer

Jack Shepherd

Many DC fans are hoping Wonder Woman will save the frazzling franchise, Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad having been met with widely negative reviews.

While the trailers for the Gal Gadot led film have so far been met with praise, the latest ‘origin’ trailer has caused outrage from certain sectors of the internet.

At around the 1.40 mark, the actor raises her arms, exposing her armpit to the audience. However, as noted by many, the pit looks remarkably smooth and a strangely grey skin tone.

It may have only been seconds on screen, but numerous people have taken issue with what appears to be either weird fake tan or a photoshopped mess.

Whatever the case, Slate began investigating the scenario, questioning whether they were bleached in post-production and wondering why the natural creases were removed.

Recently, the film’s villain was finally revealed by DC, confirming comic-book stalwart Ares, the God of War will be Wonder Woman’s nemesis.