Wonder Woman film makes questionable advertising choice by partnering with weight loss brand

Clarisse Loughrey

There's been an interesting discussion brewing around the advertising campaign for the upcoming Wonder Woman film. Or more precisely, the apparent lack of it.

Cast your mind back to last year and you may recall the assault on the senses that were both the Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad campaigns, with an endless stream of trailers, posters, merchandise, and magazine covers.

With Wonder Woman? Not so much - and we're only six weeks out from the film hitting cinemas. Which doesn't exactly make the news of one of the film's first promotional tie-ins anymore palatable.

The Mary Sue picked up that Wonder Woman has partnered with a weight loss brand titled, rather painfully, thinkThin.

Really, it's hard to think of any brand that embodies the spirit Wonder Woman less than thinkThin. A martial arts gym where ladies can learn to kick ass and empower themselves? That'd be great. But a line of protein snacks that women are supposed to consume under the societal delusion that self-worth is tied to body mass? That's just a little bit messed up.

Especially considering the fact so much of the conversation about Wonder Woman has depressingly focused on her body, dating back even to 2013 when Gal Gadot was first cast, and was immediately hit with an onslaught of accusations that she was "too skinny" for the role, mostly by people who wouldn't last a minute against her in a fight.

However, the main body of Warner Bros.' campaign for Wonder Woman has done a great job of focusing on what actually makes the character so iconic: strength, power, and courage. Let's just hope this is a small slip-up and not a sign of something more troubling ahead.

Wonder Woman hits UK cinemas 1 June.