‘Wonder Years’ Star a Real Diva on ‘Battle of the Network Stars’

Nick Paschal
Supervising Producer, Yahoo Entertainment

Jason Hervey played the obnoxious big brother on the classic TV show The Wonder Years. On Thursday, Jason’s obnoxious character shined through during his appearance on Battle of the Network Stars.

Everyone on the show is always separated into two teams — one team wears blue outfits and the other wears red outfits. But Jason showed up in a black T-shirt and refused to play along. A producer was seen talking to Jason, at one point, asking, “Can you wear a red shirt over that shirt?” to which Jason replied, “Not really, but I mean, I guess I will if I have to, but I really don’t want to at all.” The producer continued to ask Jason to wear the red T-shirt, but he continued to refuse because the T-shirt wasn’t as nice as his. Jason told the producer, “This is a Calvin Klein T-shirt, and it just looks good.” And while he was standing with some of his teammates, Jason said, “I mean, if you give me some ugly-ass s***, I’m gonna wear my own s***.”

Rousey strong-arms Hervey

The former Wonder Years star put up a good fight, but when his coach, Ronda Rousey, pressured him into putting on the red T-shirt, he finally did it. But he didn’t just put on the t-shirt, he had to make some modifications. Jason cut the sleeves off and ripped the neck, so it could be cool like his Calvin Klein shirt. Ronda let him know she liked the T-shirt, saying, “Look at you in red. Looking good, Jason, really,” before giving a big eye roll to the camera.

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