Wonderfully Weird Australian Duck Busts Out Melodic Mating Display

A male musk duck impressed a group of tourists exploring Margaret River, Western Australia, by canoe on June 16 when he performed his tuneful mating call and eye-popping courtship display on the water.

Sean Blocksidge, owner and operator of Margaret River Discovery Tours, captured this moment while leading an excursion down the Margaret River. He wrote in the video’s caption that he is only treated to these distinctive mating calls a few times a year.

“Apparently our canoes were looking a bit sexy to him this morning,” said Blocksidge in his Facebook post.

Musk ducks, which are native to Australia, have an energetic courtship display that typically includes fanning their tails, inflating the lobe on their throat, and vigorously kicking their feet while uttering a loud whistle, according to BirdLife Australia’s website. Credit: Sean Blocksidge via Storyful

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