Wooden Cabinet Among Items Excavated From Pompeii House

A wooden cabinet holding crockery was among several ancient items discovered at an archeological dig in Pompeii, Italy, officials said on August 6.

Footage shared by the Archaeological Park of Pompeii shows the shell of the wardrobe, thought to be from the time of the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD.

The Park said the cabinet was about 2m (6 ft 5 inches) tall, and had at least five shelves and four doors. Inside were jugs and other containers, as well as glass plates.

The cabinet was part of a large collection of objects found at the Regio V site in Pompeii where a Roman shrine was also uncovered in 2018. Rooms surrounding the shrine were uncovered in 2021. Credit: Archaeological Park of Pompeii via Storyful