Woolwich Suspect 'Erratic' And 'Paranoid'

Woolwich Suspect 'Erratic' And 'Paranoid'

A human rights group that worked with one of the Woolwich murder suspects has told Sky News he was one of the most "erratic" and "paranoid" individuals they have ever worked with.

Michael Adebolajo, 26, is under armed guard in a London hospital following the murder of Drummer Lee Rigby last Wednesday, while the second suspect Michael Adebowale, 22, in another hospital.

Both were shot by armed police as the soldier's body lay in the street nearby.

The Cage Prisoners group based in London works on behalf of political detainees worldwide, specifically those held as a result of the 'War on Terror'.

They were contacted by Michael Adebolajo some time after he returned from Kenya in 2010, where he was arrested and accused of preparing to travel to Somalia to fight with al Qaeda-linked militants al Shabaab.

Cage Prisoners' outreach director Moazzam Begg told Sky News about the dealings his case worker had had with him.

"What he said to me - he’s never seen anyone in all the cases we’ve come across behave as erratically as he’d been," Mr Begg said.

"Him and his family - including very close relatives - and those relatives were put in a state of constant paranoia, that's the word he uses."

Mr Begg, who himself was once detained without charge at Guantanamo Bay, said the group's case notes on Michael Adebolajo state that contact was broken with the security services in March 2012.

The notes, seen by Sky News, claim the last text message from a security agent, sent in 2012, read: “We have no option but to proceed without you."

Cage Prisoners urged Michael Adebolajo to seek legal advice and has had no contact with him in recent months.

Doctors have still not given the go-ahead for police to question Adebolajo or Adebowale.