Worcester general election candidates 2024

aerial view of city centre
-Credit: (Image: PA)

Worcester has been in Tory hands for 14 years - and there will be a fierce battle in the 2024 General Election. Unlike some other constituencies, the seat has been won by Labour before - last time in the 2005 election.

Labour are targeting Conservative seats up and down the country and Worcester is no different. However, Electoral Calculus predicts the Tories will hold on.

The winner last time round was Tory Robin Walker. His father, Peter, was an MP in Worcestershire for three decades previously.

This time round, there will be five candidates vying to be MP. There are candidates from the Liberal Democrats, SDP, Green and Reform UK.

Who is standing in the Worcester constituency?

  • Mel Allcott - Liberal Democrats

  • Marc Bayliss - Conservatives

  • Tom Collins - Labour

  • Mark Davies - Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition

  • Duncan Murray - SDP

  • Andy Peplow - Reform UK

  • Tor Pingtree - Green Party