Wordle: Why are players getting different words?

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Wordle: Why are players getting different words?

Many Wordle players were left confused today as there appeared to be two very different answers for game #324.

One of the right answers on 9 May is closely linked to the ongoing speculation that the US Supreme Court may make abortion illegal.

In light of recent events in the U.S., the New York Times changed the word “for as many solvers as possible.”

In a statement, the newspaper said that the word was “entirely unintentional and a coincidence” and was loaded into the game last year.

But today isn’t the first time there have been two Wordle answers.

Find out below why your correct answer may differ to your friends–and beware that there are spoilers below.

Why are people getting different Wordle answers?

In February, one word of the day was changed from “agora” to “aroma,” while on March 30, the Wordle word of the day was both “stove” and “harry,” leaving players baffled.

Jordan Cohen, New York Times executive director of communications, told Mashable: "In an effort to make the puzzle more accessible, we are reviewing the solutions and removing obscure or potentially insensitive words over time.”

People will receive outdated words if they do not refresh the browser window. Some players don’t want to refresh their window for fear of losing their winning streak.

The New York Times said in a statement that if players refresh their window, they won’t receive "the outdated version" of the game but said that "we know that some people won’t do that and, as a result, will be asked to solve the outdated puzzle".

Of today’s outdated word, the newspaper said: "We want to emphasise that this is a very unusual circumstance.”

Was Wordle 324 shine or fetus?

Wordle players may have been left confused today (9 May) as some players got the word “shine” while others got the word “fetus”--the American spelling of the word foetus.

So what was the Wordle answer for 9 May? Technically, both answers are right. Players who haven’t refreshed their browser will have “fetus” as their right answer, while people who have refreshed their browser will get the updated word “shine.”

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