Henry Cavill vs. Tom Selleck: Who wore the mustache better?

Raechal Shewfelt
Editor, Yahoo Entertainment
Henry Cavill and Tom Selleck have mastered the mustache. (Photo: Instagram/Getty Images)

Is Henry Cavill gunning for the unofficial title of Best Mustache on a Leading Man?

The Superman star has announced — or rather his mustache has — that the facial hair he grew to play the villain in Mission: Impossible — Fallout has taken over his Instagram account. The truth is that photos of the actor with the stache have been all over his social media for months.

And so, there has never been a better time — we’re pretty sure about that — to compare Cavill’s mustache to that of Tom Selleck, who possesses what has to be the ultimate mustache sported by a celebrity.


Let’s take a look at their mustaches in certain situations.

On a car: 

Who’s your main mustache man? (Photo: Instagram/Getty Images)

Cavill shared this photo of himself hanging off a van that’s, uh, not moving at all, amidst talk of his M:I co-star Tom Cruise breaking his ankle doing his own stunts. And it’s a good one to go head-to-head with a shot of Selleck with his Ferrari from Magnum P.I. Selleck just might win this round for his coolness. Do you finally get what Blanche Devereaux was talking about?

With a dog:

Hats off to Henry Cavill and Tom Selleck for their awesome mustaches and cute dogs. (Photo: Instagram/Getty Images)

Cavill just might pull out the win here. Both staches are perfectly manicured, but Cavill’s scruff makes his look a little more casual and … do you want to tell Cavill’s adorable dog that he didn’t win the cutest photo?

In a hat:

Henry Cavill and Tom Selleck both have impressive facial hair. (Photo: Instagram/Getty Images)

Selleck on the set of the 1979 TV movie The Sacketts versus Cavill at Wimbledon doesn’t seem fair. Cavill’s hat is tiny and, therefore, funny. He obviously wins.

On a movie set: 

Henry Cavill and Tom Selleck shoot action scenes. (Photo: Instagram/Getty Images)

While both men have some serious action going on in the background, your eye is immediately drawn to what they’ve got going on above their mouths. It’s a hard call, but Selleck’s mustache is in classic Magnum mode and emerges victorious.


Why hasn’t Cavill (and his mustache) been cast in the Magnum P.I. reboot? At least we can see their adventures on Instagram.

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