The usual? One in six office workers has eaten the same lunch every day for six years

They say that variety is the spice of life, but British office workers seem to be ignoring this advice when it comes to lunch.

A study found that three quarters of office workers have munched on the same meal every single day for nine months. And one in six people haven’t varied their midday meal for two YEARS.

One worker in the survey admitted eating a ham sandwich for lunch every days for an unbelievable two decades.

The revelation came in a wider survey that looked into lunchtime eating habits at work.

It found that 81% of people were utterly bored by what they had to eat at lunch, with one admitting to eating the same box of chopped vegetables, tuna and a boiled egg every day for two years.

Workers have admitted to eating the same lunch in the office every single day (Rex)

Respondents said they stuck to what they knew because of a lack of inspiration and costs.

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The study, which was carried out by New Covent Garden Soup, also found that the most popular choice for lunch is a ham sandwich, followed by cheese and chicken sandwiches, salad and baguettes.

Jacket potatoes, pasta and microwave ready meals were also included in the top 10 choices.

Food psychologist Dr Becky Spelman said: “Eating the same thing every day means we risk not getting a wide enough array of nutrients, as well as simply being very monotonous.

“Most of us wouldn’t want to always go on holidays to the same place, so why keep eating the same meal, day after day?

“Making small changes, such as trying something new for our lunch time meal, can – in a small way – help to open our mind to new experiences in other areas of life too.”

Top pic: Rex

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