Worker evacuated as tidal floods inundate Indonesia

Tidal floods as high as two meters have submerged factory areas in Indonesia after a flood-damping embankment was hit by a tidal wave. Footage filmed in Central Java shows on May 23 shows sea water overflowing into the factory and residential areas after the dam broke. Additional footage shows tidal flooding as high as 1.5 meters forcing factory workers to leave their workplaces. Ijab Cahaya, a garment factory worker who filmed the dramatic moment, said the floodwaters entered the factory and brought them home early that afternoon. "I lost my motorbike because submerged in the parking lot, so we had to walk far away from the location," said Cahaya. Police said thousands of residents and workers evacuated from the port area. As of Monday night, the electricity network was still cut off. Central Java Regional Police Public Relations Commissioner Iqbal Alqudussy told the media that the peak of sea level is expected to occur tomorrow. The tidal flood that occurred this time was the worst. "The embankment broke at the port due to high sea levels plus the impact of sea waves that have destructive power," said Alqudussy. The government has prepared public kitchens, temporary shelters, health assistance, and temporary repairs of embankments that will be carried out when the water recedes.

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