World's 'most complicated traffic junction' confuses Chinese motorists

Mark Molloy
An unusual traffic junction has confused Chinese motorists - Hebei Broadcasting Network / China Business Network

Chinese motorists have been left confused by what has been dubbed the world’s “most complicated traffic junction”.

The unusual road markings left drivers in the 2022 Winter Olympics host city of Zhangjiakou, in China’s north-west Hebei province, bewildered.

Photos of the complex traffic junction, featuring a mixture of straight and circular road markings, were shared on Chinese social media.

“Elderly drivers will get a headache driving on this complicated road,” wrote one.  

“Wait and see if tourists come here for the Winter Olympics,” posted another.

Cars enter the traffic system 

What lane? The confusing traffic system in Zhangjiakou Credit: Hebei Broadcasting Network / China Business Network

Traffic mayhem 

Confusion on the road  Credit: Hebei Broadcasting Network / China Business Network

Police in the city cleared up the confusion by explaining that the road markings were still a work in progress, telling motorists to “follow the lines and drive normally”.

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