World Athletics calls for better air quality for Global Running Day

Clean air is a fundamental right for all of us but if you are exercising or playing sport it becomes even more important.

According to the World Health Organisation, a record number of cities are now monitoring air quality. Over 6000 cities in 117 countries have joined the incentive in a bid to regulate exposure to fine particles and nitrogen dioxide.

World Athletics is leading a campaign called Every Breath Counts calling for better air quality, looking to mobilise people everywhere to demand more stringent measures.

The president of World Athletics who is also a former Olympian and a Member of the British House of Lords, Sebastian Coe, spoke to Euronews and outlined how 99% of people are breathing in unclean air.

"That for us was deeply concerning because sport relies heavily on clean air both for elite competitors and participants. And our own research has shown that 75% of those who responded (to our survey) they want action and they want action now," he said.

"Our declaration for clean air is about driving change... particularly for policy and decision-makers and really encouraging them to put pressure on them to really set some stretch targets that are meaningful and not sitting somewhere in the future".

For the full interview be sure to check out the full interview in the video above.