World Book Day 2017: The best children's costumes from across the UK

Samantha J. Gross
Sami Veitch

Although World Book Day is meant for book-lovers everywhere to celebrate the literary arts, one tradition remains at the forefront of the holiday: the costumes children don with their classmates at school.

The ingenuity of parents-turned-costumers grows more impressive each time the holiday rolls around, and this year was no exception.

One tiny feminist dressed as a suffragette, for a combined World Book Day and International Women's Day costume.

Another bookworm earned thousands of retweets as Professor Slughorn from the Harry Potter series, after he transformed into an armchair.

Another crowd-pleaser came from the little fitness fan who dressed as Joe Wicks, body coach and author of bestselling 'Lean in 15'.

Others stuck to classic charactes from well-known storybooks, such as Alice in Wonderland and The Cat in the Hat.

From iconic storybook characters to, well, Joe Wicks, we've collected some of our favourite costumes from pint-sized book lovers.

Here are some of the best from today:

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