World Emoji Day 2018: Apple unveils 70 new emoji coming to iOS 12

Amelia Heathman
New emoji update for iOS 12 brings more diversity to your WhatsApp messages: Apple

It’s World Emoji Day, established by Jeremy Burge of Unicode to celebrate all things emoji in the world.

What better way to celebrate the national day than by seeing some of the new emoji characters coming to your Apple device.

Earlier this year, the emoji consortium Unicode revealed that redheads were finally getting their emoji and today we’re getting see how these will look on the iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Mac.

As well as the promised red head designs, there are new emoji faces with grey hair, curly hair and some without hair. Apple says these new options are there “to better represent people.”

With as many as 70 new emojis arriving on Apple devices with the iOS 12 update expected later this year, there are going to be so many new characters to choose from.

It’s not just hair options receiving an upgrade. There are new smiley faces to decorate your messages with such as a party face, pleading face and a cold face.

Though with this heatwave, you probably won’t be using this emoji for a long time.

The new emoji faces include a party face and a cold face (Apple)

As well, there are some beautifully designed new animals including a kangaroo, peacock, parrot and lobster. With lobster print one of the hot new summer trends, expect to see your Instagram feed filled with little lobster emojis.

And, how could we forget the new food emojis. Finally, the cupcake is receiving its own emoji, leaving the slice of cake languishing in its wake.

Mango, lettuce, and moon cake are also receiving the emoji treatment.

All this talk of new emojis makes us think of the scores of current emojis that are languishing unused. According to Emojitracker, the least used emoji on Twitter is the aerial tramway, poor thing.

In fact, the aerial tramway is so unused, that it is the feature of a funny Twitter bot account named @leastUsedEmoji.

The bot updates the Twitter account every day to signal the least used emoji, and it is always the aerial tramway.

Maybe we should celebrate World Emoji Day by giving the aerial tramway the recognition it deserves? Just a thought.