World’s leading women target big tech over social media abuse action

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Google ads (PA Wire)
Google ads (PA Wire)

An open letter to Facebook, Google, Tiktok and Twitter, asking for action on tackling online abuse, has been signed by more than 200 high-profile women.

This includes American tennis legend Billie Jean King, former Australian prime minister Julia Gillard, along with British actresses Thandiwe Newton and Emma Watson.

It was published at the UN Generation Equality Forum asking them to “urgently prioritise the safety of women on your platforms”.

The 10-week drop in Covid-19 cases has ended, according to the head of the World Health Organisations Europe office.

This comes as the number of Covid-19 patients on ventilators in England’s hospitals has climbed to its highest level for more than two months.

The global climate emergency, and the World Meteorological Organisation, have recorded a new high temperature in the frozen Antarctic. And, it’s an almost balmy 18.C.

Temperatures on the Antarctic peninsula have been steadily rising in the past half a century, and are about three degrees warmer than they were 50 years ago.

An Israeli private detective jailed for hacker related missions wants a plea deal, a perfectly fossilised insect has been discovered in dinosaur droppings, a student has designed technology to help victims of stabbings from fatally bleeding out, and, a rare ‘white’ puffin has been spotted on the coast of Scotland.

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