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Thousands gather in Cairo protesting Mursi's new powers

CAIRO - Angry youths hurl rocks at security forces and burn

a police truck as thousands gather in central Cairo to protest

at Egyptian President Mohamed Mursi's decision to grab sweeping

new powers (EGYPT-PRESIDENT/), moved, pix, tv, By Marwa Awad,

900 words)

Hamas polices Gaza border after Israel kills man after truce

GAZA - Hamas security officials move to enforce a fragile

two-day-old truce with Israel by evacuating Palestinians from a

border zone where Israel killed a Gaza man it says had ventured

too close to a "no-go" area. (PALESTINIANS-ISRAEL/VIOLENCE

(UPDATE 3, PIX, TV), moved, by Nidal al-Mughrabi, 680 words)

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1,000 words

EU budget summit ends without deal, retry in 2013

BRUSSELS - European Union leaders fail to reach agreement on

a new seven-year budget for their troubled bloc, calling off

talks in less than two days after most countries balked at far

deeper spending cuts demanded by Britain and its allies.

(EU-BUDGET/ (UPDATE 2, TV, PIX), moved, by Charlie Dunmore and

Luke Baker, 1,000 words)

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- EU-SUMMIT/COLLAPSE (PIX, TV), moved, by Luke Baker, 1,100



U.S. shoppers welcome early start to 'Black Friday'

NEW YORK/BLOOMINGTON, Minn. - U.S. retailers declare their

experiment with earlier store openings to kick off the holiday

shopping season a success, with those new hours expected to be a

Thanksgiving night staple for more retailers next year.


Phil Wahba and Dhanya Skariachan, 1,200 words)

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Jessica Wohl, 650 words

Susan Rice battles critics as abrasive style takes toll

UNITED NATIONS/WASHINGTON - Susan Rice, close friend of

President Barack Obama and U.S. ambassador to the United

Nations, fighting for her political life and possibility of

being next secretary of state. (USA-DIPLOMAT/RICE (NEWSMAKER,

pix), moved, by Lous Charbonneau and Susan Cornwell, 1,800

words, pix)


Thai police fire tear gas in clash with protesters

BANGKOK - Thai police fire tear gas in clashes with hundreds

of protesters in Bangkok ahead of a rally seeking to overthrow

the government of Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra in the

largest demonstration yet against her administration

(thailand-protest (UPDATE 1, TV, PIX), expect by 0800/3 AM ET,

500 words)


Congo rebels push on after repelling counter-attack

SAKE, Democratic Republic of Congo - Rebels advance in

eastern Congo, seeking to strengthen their grip before a

regional summit intended to damp down the insurgency in an area

plagued by ethnic and political conflict. (CONGO-DEMOCRATIC/

(UPDATE 2, TV, PIX, GRAPHICS), moved, by Jonny Hogg, 1,000


Debate rages over Sudan's Bashir after 'plot' arrests

KHARTOUM - Sudan's information minister had one clear

message after security agents moved in to arrest their former

spy chief - that a plot had been uncovered, the culprits had

been caught and the situation in the country was now "totally

stable". (SUDAN-TURMOIL/, moved, by Ulf Leassing and Khaled

Abdelaziz, 900 words)


Syria says Turkey's bid for NATO missiles 'provocative'

BEIRUT - Syria condemns Turkey's request for NATO to deploy

Patriot defense missiles near their common border, calling it

"provocative" after a spate of clashes that has raised fear of

the Syrian civil war embroiling the wider region.(SYRIA-CRISIS/

(WRAPUP 2, moved, by Erika Solomon, 1,000 words)

Saudi dynasty faces generational choice

RIYADH - Two royal deaths and two cabinet reshuffles in just

over a year have edged Saudi Arabia's ruling family toward a

tough decision: turning to a new generation after 60 years of

rule by sons of the founding patriarch. (SAUDI-KING/SUCCESSION,

moved, by Angus McDowell, 1,200 words)


German states reject Swiss tax deal in slap to Merkel

BERLIN - Germany's upper house of parliament rejects a deal

with Switzerland to tax assets stashed by German citizens in

Swiss bank accounts, dashing Chancellor Angela Merkel's hopes of

having the lucrative agreement in place by

2013.(GERMANY-SWITZERLAND/TAX (UPDATE 2), moved, by Alexandra

Hudson, 500 words)

Spanish breakaway fever dominates Catalan regional vote

BARCELONA, Spain - Spain's wealthy but financially troubled

region of Catalonia chooses a new government on Sunday in an

election that could trigger a constitutional crisis over a

resurgent Catalan breakaway movement. (SPAIN-CATALONIA/ (PIX),

moved, by Fiona Ortiz, 1,280 words)

Pussy Riot protester alone in cell after inmate tension

MOSCOW - Jailed Pussy Riot punk protester Maria Alyokhina

has been moved to a single-person cell for her own protection

because of tensions with follow prisoners, her lawyer and

Russia's federal penitentiary service says. (RUSSIA-PUSSYRIOT/

(UPDATE 2), moved, by Nastassia Astrasheuskaya, 500 words)


Larry Hagman, famous as "Dallas" villain J.R., dies at 81

Larry Hagman, who created one of American television's most

supreme villains in the conniving, amoral oilman J.R. Ewing of

"Dallas", dies at 81 (PEOPLE-HAGMAN/ (UPDATE 2), moved, by Bill

Trott, 900 words)

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