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Both sides dig in on 'fiscal cliff,' 'nothing going on'

WASHINGTON - Republicans and Democrats dig in on "fiscal

cliff" talks, with both sides urging quick action but offering

no compromises in political stare-down that shows no signs of

breaking (USA-FISCAL/ (WRAPUP 2), moved, pix, by Thomas Ferraro

and Mark Felsenthal, 926 words)

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Egypt clashes erupt despite proposal to end crisis

CAIRO - Islamists fight protesters outside Egyptian

president's palace, while inside building his deputy proposes

way to end crisis over draft constitution that has split most

populous Arab nation (EGYPT-POLITICS/ (UPDATE 4), moved, pix,

tv, by Yasmine Saleh and Marwa Awad, 963 words)

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Clinton says "desperate" Assad could use chemical arms

BEIRUT/BRUSSELS - Washington fears "desperate" Syrian

President Bashar al-Assad could use chemical weapons as rebels

bear down on Damascus, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton says,

repeating vow to take swift action if he does (SYRIA-CRISIS/

(WRAPUP 2), moved, pix, tv, by Erika Solomon and David

Brunnstrom, 1,235 words)

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Israel pushes settlement plan ahead; EU summons envoy

JERUSALEM/BRUSSELS - Israel moves ahead with plans to build

3,000 settler homes in one of more sensitive areas of West Bank,

as European Union summons Israel's envoy to add its voice to

storm of international protest (PALESTINIANS-ISRAEL/(WRAPUP 1),

moved, by Jeffrey Heller and Justyna Pawlak, 867 words)

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Los Angeles ports reopen to normal freight traffic after


LOS ANGELES - Largest U.S. cargo shipping complex resumes

full operations after harbor clerks and management settle

eight-day strike that left two Southern California ports mostly

idle, sapping region's economy of estimated $8 billion

(USA-PORT/LOSANGELES (UPDATE 1), moved, pix, by Dan Whitcomb and

Steve Gorman, 854 words)

Jazz pianist Dave Brubeck dead at 91

NEW YORK - Jazz pianist Dave Brubeck, whose choice of novel

rhythms, classical structures and brilliant sidemen made him

towering figure in modern jazz, dies at age of 91, his longtime

manager and producer Russell Gloyd says (PEOPLE/DAVEBRUBECK

(UPDATE 2), moved, pix, by Christine Kearney, 745 words)

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Judge allows sports fans to pursue antitrust lawsuit

NEW YORK - Federal judge allows sports fans to pursue

lawsuit accusing Major League Baseball, National Hockey League,

and various networks and service providers of antitrust

violations in how they package games for broadcast on television

or Internet (SPORTS-ANTITRUST/LAWSUIT (UPDATE 2), expect by

2100, 600 words)


Darker growth outlook pushes UK austerity plan off track

LONDON - Britain will endure more austerity and miss key

debt-cutting goal after sharp downgrade to growth forecasts for

next three years, government says, in bleak outlook that could

hurt Prime Minister David Cameron's chances of

re-election(BRITAIN-ECONOMY/(UPDATE 3), moved, pix, tv, by David

Milliken and Peter Griffiths, 997 words)

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Schaps, 809 words

Germany moves toward ban on far-right NPD party

BERLIN - Germany takes step toward banning far-right

National Democratic Party when politicians formally recommend

going ahead with hotly disputed legal proceedings

(GERMANY-FARRIGHT/(UPDATE 1), moved, pix, tv, by Madeline

Chambers, 664 words)


Iran tanker safety risks rise as ship audit firms quit

LONDON - Western pressure that forced foreign ship

classifiers out of Iran has increased safety risks including

danger of Iranian vessel spilling oil on another country's

coast, chief executive of Lloyd's Register says


Saul, 628 words)

Turkey says no new US request to cut Iran oil imports

ANKARA - Turkey has not received any new request from

United States to reduce level of its crude oil purchases from

Iran and is continuing with its existing level of imports,

Turkish Energy Minister Taner Yildiz tells Reuters

(TURKEY-USA/IRAN (UPDATE 2), moved, by Orhan Coskun, 453 words)


No military intervention in Mali before Sept -UN

peacekeeping chief

PARIS - International military intervention to oust Islamist

militants from northern Mali is almost inevitable, U.N.

peacekeeping chief says, but he says no action is likely soon

(MALI-UN/, moved, by John Irish, 529 words)

Sudan urges South Sudan to expel rebels for oil restart

KHARTOUM - Sudan will not allow South Sudan's oil exports to

flow through its territory until Juba cuts ties with

anti-Khartoum rebels and expels their leaders, Sudanese vice

president says, dampening hopes that bilateral tensions are over

(SUDAN-SOUTH/ (INTERVIEW, UPDATE 1), moved, pix, tv, by Ulf

Laessing and Alexander Dziadosz, 946 words)

Kenya bomb blast wounds nine people in Nairobi

NAIROBI - Suspected remote-controlled bomb tears through

predominantly Somali neighbourhood in Kenyan capital Nairobi,

wounding up to nine people during evening rush hour

(KENYA-BLAST/ (UPDATE 2), moved, pix, tv, by Richard Lough, 350



Typhoon kills at least 283, hundreds missing, in Philippines

NEW BATAAN, Philippines - Blocked roads and severed

communications in southern Philippines frustrate rescuers as

teams search for hundreds of people missing after strongest

typhoon this year kills at least 283 people

(PHILIPPINES-TYPHOON/(UPDATE 2), moved, pix, tv, by Eric de

Castro, 475 words)


China demands timetable to $100 bln climate aid for

developing world

DOHA - China leads developing nations in demanding rich

countries give details of promised surge in aid to $100 billion

a year by 2020 to help poor cope with global warming

(CLIMATE-TALKS/, moved, pix, tv, by Alister Doyle and Barbara

Lewis, 602 words)

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