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British PM regrets 'deeply shameful' colonial Indian


AMRITSAR, India - David Cameron becomes first serving

British prime minister to voice regret about one of bloodier

episodes in colonial India, massacre of unarmed civilians in


moved, by Andrew Osborn, 803 words)

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611 words

Tunisia seeks new premier to escape political crisis

TUNIS - Tunisian leaders begin search for new prime minister

to try to lead North African nation out of its gravest political

crisis since uprising that inspired wave of Arab revolts two

years ago. (TUNISIA-POLITICS/ (UPDATE 2, PIX), moved, by Tarek

Amara, 787 words)

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Witness heard 'non-stop shouting' before Pistorius shooting

PRETORIA - Witness hears "non-stop shouting" in home of

South African athletics star Oscar Pistorius shortly before his

girlfriend is shot dead, detective leading murder investigation

says. (SAFRICA-PISTORIUS/ (UPDATE 6, PIX, TV), moved, by David

Dolan and Peroshni Govender, 919 words)

Rome will burn, regardless of Italian election result

ROME - Regardless of who wins next weekend's parliamentary

election, Italy's long economic decline is likely to continue

because next government won't be strong enough to pursue tough

reforms needed to make its economy competitive again.


Stott, 1,997 words)

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by Steve Scherer, 1,000 words

French special forces in Cameroon helping hostage probe

YAOUNDE - French special forces arrive in northern Cameroon

to help locate French family who were kidnapped and moved to

Nigeria, local governor says. (CAMEROON-KIDNAPPING/FRANCE

(UPDATE 2, TV, PIX), moved, by Tansa Musa, 710 words)


Panetta notifies Congress of Pentagon civilian furloughs

WASHINGTON - U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta formally

notifies Congress that Pentagon plans to put civilian defense

employees on unpaid leave this year if $46 billion in

across-board budget cuts take effect March 1.

(USA-FISCAL/DEFENSE (UPDATE 1), moved, by David Alexander, 391


Obama goes on local TV in fight with Republicans over budget


WASHINGTON - President Obama turns to local television

stations across United States to increase public pressure on

congressional Republicans to avert $85 billion in budget cuts

set to begin in nine days. (USA-FISCAL/OBAMA, moved, by Roberta

Rampton, 426 words)

Ex-congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. pleads guilty to fund


WASHINGTON - Former U.S. congressman Jesse Jackson Jr., son

of civil rights leader and one-time rising star in Democratic

politics, pleads guilty to misusing about $750,000 in campaign

money. (USA-CRIME/JACKSON (UPDATE 2), moved, by David Ingram,

455 words)

White House targets trade secret theft with new strategy

WASHINGTON - White House will tackle theft of U.S. trade

secrets with new strategy to protect American companies from

losing hundreds of billions of dollars in area of growing

concern in relations with China. (USA-TRADE/SECRETS (UPDATE 1),

moved, by Doug Palmer, 609 words)

U.S. congressional delegation leaves Cuba empty-handed

HAVANA - U.S. congressional delegation leaves Cuba after

meetings with President Raul Castro and other top officials, but

no sign countries resolve their latest dispute: fate of

imprisoned U.S. contractor Alan Gross. (CUBA-USA/(PIX, TV),

moved, by Marc Frank, 640 words)

U.S. top court bars defendant's retrial after judge errs

WASHINGTON - U.S. Supreme Court says Michigan cannot retry

defendant whose arson conviction had been thrown out by trial

judge who mistakenly required state prosecutors to prove more

than they needed to. (USA-COURT/DOUBLEJEOPARDY (UPDATE 3),

moving shortly, by Jonathan Stempel, 762 words)


Boeing close to fixing Dreamliner battery -source

NEW DELHI - Boeing finds way to fix battery problems on its

grounded 787 Dreamliner jets that involves increasing space

between the lithium ion battery cells, source familiar with U.S.

company's plans tells Reuters. (BOEING-DREAMLINER/BATTERY

(UPDATE 2), moved, by Anurag Kotoky, 495 words)

China says U.S. hacking accusations lack technical proof

BEIJING - Accusations by U.S. computer security company that

secretive Chinese military unit is likely behind series of

hacking attacks are scientifically flawed and hence unreliable,

China's Defence Ministry says. (CHINA-HACKING/ (UPDATE 1, TV),

moved, 500 words)


Syrian violence threatens ancient treasures

AMMAN - Syrian museums locked away thousands of ancient

treasures to protect them from looting and violence but one of

humanity's greatest cultural heritages remains in grave peril,

the archaeologist charged with their protection says.


Suleiman Al-Khalidi, 1,200 words)

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Israel's Livni faces rough road in peace push with


JERUSALEM - Tzipi Livni's coalition pact with right-winger

Benjamin Netanyahu speaks volumes about obstacles ahead for

moderate former Israeli foreign minister in her new task of

pursuing peace with Palestinians. (PALESTINIANS-ISRAEL/LIVNI

(ANALYSIS, TV, PIX), moved, by Jeffrey Heller, 800 words)

Tehran's Azadi Tower, witness to history, victim of neglect

DUBAI - Tehran's Azadi Tower stood through Iran's explosive

revolution in 1979 and eight-year-long war with Iraq in 1980s.

But monument falls victim to neglect and shoddy repairs, and

suffers from extensive internal water damage. (IRAN-AZADI/

(PIX), moved, by Yeganeh Torbati, 950 words)


Bulgarian government resigns amid growing protests

SOFIA - Bulgaria's government resigns after violent

nationwide protests against high power prices, joining long list

of European administrations felled by austerity during Europe's

debt crisis. (BULGARIA-GOVERNMENT/ (UPDATE 4, PIX, TV), moved,

by Sam Cage and Tsvetelia Tsolova, 800 words)

Thousands of Greeks rally in anti-austerity strike

ATHENS - Tens of thousands of Greeks take to streets of

Athens during nationwide strike against wage cuts and high taxes

that keep ferries stuck in ports, schools shut and hospitals

with only emergency staff. (GREECE-STRIKE/ (UPDATE 5, PIX, TV),

moved, by Renee Maltezou and Lefteris Papadimas, 650 words)

Russia central banker slams vast criminal cash export

MOSCOW - Russia's central bank chief complains that some 2.5

percent of national income was illegally siphoned abroad last

year -- revelation critics say shows extent of corruption under

Vladimir Putin. (RUSSIA-CBANK/ (UPDATE 3, PIX), moved, by

Douglas Busvine and Katya Golubkova, 836 words)

Putin ally quits Russian parliament in property scandal

MOSCOW - Ally of Vladimir Putin resigns from Russian

parliament to fight accusations that he failed to declare

ownership of property in United States and to protect reputation

of president's party. (RUSSIA-ETHICS/ (TV, PIX), moved, by

Timothy Heritage, 660 words)

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Belgium seeks to tighten diamond transfers after heist

BRUSSELS - Belgium asks how it can protect diamond transfers

into and out of country and preserve its pre-eminence in gem

trading after robbers steal $50 million consignment from tarmac

of Brussels airport. (BELGIUM-DIAMONDS/, moved, 450 words)

'Keep your so-called workers,' U.S. boss tells France

PARIS - CEO of U.S. tyre maker delivers crushing summary of

how some outsiders view France's work ethic in letter saying he

would have to be stupid to take over factory whose staff only

put in three hours work per day. (FRANCE-WORKERS/ (UPDATE 1),

moved, by Emmanuel Jarry and Catherine Bremer, 802 words)

Minister accuses Serb opposition of smear campaign over milk

BELGRADE - Serbia's agriculture minister accuses opposition

of preying on public health fears over contaminated milk to try

to topple government already under pressure over allegations of

links between politicians and mafia. (SERBIA-MILK/ (TV, PIX),

moved, by Aleksandar Vasovic, 638 words)


Sudan rebels launch attack to retake border town

JUBA/KHARTOUM - Rebels in Sudanese border state say they

occupy airport and fight with government troops to retake town

that became flashpoint during civil war, but army denies it

loses any territory. (SUDAN-FIGHTING/, moved, by Hereward

Holland and Khalid Abdelaziz, 482 words)

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