World Outlander day celebration as producers drop trailer for season 7 part 2

In celebration of World Outlander Day, show producers decided to treat fans to a little gift and drop the official trailer for part two of season seven.

Fans have been desperate to know when exactly the second part of season seven would drop and alongside the trailer, it was revealed that it would be November 22, 2024 - ending a 15 month wait for new episodes.

Sharing the clip on Instagram, they penned: "The best way to celebrate World #Outlander Day is by watching the brand new teaser trailer for Season 7 Part 2 premiering November 22 on STARZ!"

In the clip Young Ian is shown adding stones to a grave, Claire is seen screaming, Lord John is wearing an eye patch, and Claire asks an unseen person: “Would you not sacrifice everything for love?” just before a gunshot is heard and we see Jamie’s concerned face.


After watching the clip, fans flocked to the comments to give their predictions but to also complain about the lengthy wait.
One wrote :"I love Outlander so so much!! But the waiting period is just so excruciating...... Outlander fans!!! Hang in there!!!!"
While one commented: "I'm sorry but the length between seasons is absolutely ridiculous."

Lord John Grey is seen with an eye patch -Credit:Youtube/STARZ
Lord John Grey is seen with an eye patch -Credit:Youtube/STARZ

One said: "I’m EMOTIONAL. I have tears in my eyes, I have full body chills, and I held my breath the entire teaser. I CANT WAIT. Caitríona’s heart breaking scream feels like it’s going to be historic, Sam’s bone chilling facial expression has me on the edge of my seat, the costumes look the best ever, the script sends CHILLS through my body, and the top tier production is otherworldly. This is going to be the best season ending ever, I can feel it in my BONES. November can’t come soon enough!!!"

In part one of season seven, Claire and Jamie’s daughter Bree, who had travelled back to the 20th century to raise her family, was in turmoil after her son Jemmy had been kidnapped and taken back to the past, and her husband Roger had to follow despite not knowing exactly where Jemmy could be.

Whilst Jamie, Claire and Young Ian arrived back in Scotland after the start of the Revolutionary War.

Fans are concerned what will happen to Jamie and Claire in Outlander -Credit:Starz! Movie Channel/Everett/REX/Shutterstock

The announcement comes on World Outlander Day, the date fans celebrate the show and the books on which the series is based, because author Diana Gabaldon’s first novel in the series was published on June 1 in 1991.

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