'World Pizza Day' is celebrated as one of the most popular dishes in the world

Every February 9, World Pizza Day is celebrated, one of the Italian dishes that has spread the most around the world. The date began to be celebrated in Naples, Italy, from the 10th century, but it gained strength in the United States in recent decades and quickly became a gastronomic holiday around the world. A day without a doubt in which pizza lovers take advantage of this excuse to enjoy a portion of their favorite. Although it has spread to various countries in the world, pizza took its original form and was born in Italy, more precisely Naples. World Pizza Day was established on February 9 for its celebration in the United States. Over the years, the date was taking more and more strength and more and more countries from both Europe and Latin America joined the celebration of the meal. According to tradition, it is believed that pizza was born when Italian women chose to mix tomato, flour, cheese, olives, and spices, ingredients that were available in their kitchen in order to prepare a flatbread dough to feed their families. Being a creative and innovative preparation, as well as easy to prepare, the pizza recipe quickly passed from mouth to mouth and from table to table throughout Italy, until the global gastronomic industry popularized it as a type of fast food and the world professed its love for pizza.