Meet the squeaking frog: Tiny amphibian's hilarious call makes it YouTube sensation

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It may look and sound like a dog toy, but this adorable animal is actually a tiny desert rain frog.

Dubbed the world's cutest frog, the hilarious video footage shot by South African Dean Boshoff has had over 5 million views online.

Dean said: "I came across this little frog early one morning. While walking on the sand dunes I was alerted to the frogs presence with its peculiar call.

"I knelt down and after photographing it just thought I had to make a video of its peculiar method of defense, as no one back home would believe me if I tried explaining it to them."

Dean, 27, is a huge wildlife enthusiast and photographer and immediately uploaded the video when he got back home.

"I have had an overwhelming reaction to the video. Initially I only wanted to share it with members of reptile forums & was expecting it to accumulate 50 views maybe, not in my wildest dreams the 4.7 million it has had to date.

The desert rain frog is usual nocturnal animal, spending the day in a moist sand burrow, which can be as deep as 20 centimeters.

The desert rain frog is listed as "Vulnerable" in the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species primarily due to a loss of it's natural habitat.

Dean does regret some aspects of the frog's newfound Internet fame and is urging people to not support the illegal trade of South African Wildlife.

"I see a lot of people posting comments that they would like to have these frogs as pets.

"This is a great concern to me as my intention when uploading this video was to create awareness and not demand.

"These frogs are already under threat & by buying one as a pet you are contributing towards their extinction.

The frogs usually emerge on foggy and clear nights where they wander over the surface of the dunes.

Its footprints are distinctive and are often found around patches of dung where it is presumed to feed on moths, beetles and insect larvae.

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