World Sleep Day: where to buy hotel bedding to get the cosy luxury feel of top hotels at home

Meghann Murdock
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There are few experiences more luxurious than curling up in your super swish hotel bed, a king-size mattress providing acres of space, surrounded by the plumpest pillows and softest bedding.

But instead of saving for the occasional boutique stay, why not splash out on creating the same feeling at home, night after night?

After all, if we even get close to the eight-hour average sleep recommended for adults, that’s 17 weeks of every year spent in bed. So well worth the investment, then.

Here are some top tips from suppliers to some of the most iconic luxury hotels in London and beyond.

"Duvets should be light and warm and allow the maximum in freedom of movement and breathability," says Joe Molloy, co-founding director of Tielle Love Luxury.

The Savoy feather and down duvet is used iconic hotels such as The Pigs, Claridge's, The Goring and The Ned. Opt for the 10.5 tog — it feels light, but it's cosy enough to keep you warm whatever the weather brings.

"Investing in high quality ingredients means that your pillow will plump up and retain its shape and support for far longer," says Molloy.

"A quick way to test your pillows is to place it over your arm. If it sags in the middle it could be time for a change."

Texture combo: a crisp, white bedspread provides the hotel luxe feel, while a soft faux fur throw is the ultimate decadence. Priced £100 and £150 from Tielle Love Luxury
Texture combo: a crisp, white bedspread provides the hotel luxe feel, while a soft faux fur throw is the ultimate decadence. Priced £100 and £150 from Tielle Love Luxury

Bedlinen: 100 per cent cotton but what thread count?
"If a good yarn is used [...] a 200 thread count should be perfectly acceptable. A 300 or 400 thread count will be softer to the touch and provide a better ‘drape’ whereas a 600 thread count will be soft but dense owing to the number of threads per square inch," say Robin Beaumont and Norman Brown of bedlinen suppliers Beaumont & Brown, who supply an international roster of luxury hotels.

Try this grey cross border bedding for its 400 thread count and delicate embroidery that's sure to complement the greys already in your home.

Mattress toppers
A great way to soften your mattress if you're not quite ready to splash out on a new one.

Classic white: 400tc bedding set by Beaumont & Brown, priced from £109
Classic white: 400tc bedding set by Beaumont & Brown, priced from £109

A good quality topper will also prolong the life of your mattress.

Colour tips

"From a practical point of view, white doesn’t fade, so hotels can top up stock from losses or damages easily and it will blend in," says Molloy.

"From an interior design point of view, it’s the perfect blank canvas with which to create the signature style of the hotel or room," he adds.

Scroll through our gallery above to see our top picks for creating that luxury hotel style in the comfort of your own home.

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