'World War 3' fears sparked after Russian early warning station damaged in drone strike

Vladimir Putin
-Credit: (Image: Getty Images)

Vladimir Putin's friend has warned that a "military maniac" could start World War 3 following reports of a drone strike in Russia.

Former head of the Russian Space Agency Dmitry Rogozin, 60, says a nuclear war could be imminent following the latest development. Images which were captured in the aftermath of an alleged Ukrainian drone attack showed an early warning station had been damaged.

As reported by the Mirror, a fire erupted in the Krasnodar region at the scene of the Voronezh-DM radar station near Armavir. The Russians claim these facilities are a vital part of Moscow’s combat command system for its Strategic Nuclear Forces - and stations such as these cost around £13.15 million and provide radar coverage for 3,750 miles.

Rogozin, who is a pro-Putin senator, alleged without evidence that the US had advance knowledge of the attack on the radar station. He said: “We can assume… that it was carried out on Kyiv’s own initiative or on the orders of some military maniac of the Ukrainian Armed Forces who wants to spark a Third World War.”

“However, taking into account Washington’s deep involvement in this armed conflict and American total control over Kyiv’s military planning, the version that the United States does not know about Ukrainian plans to strike Russia’s missile defence system can be discarded.

“Washington will have to answer fully for the past and future crimes of the distraught Ukrainian leadership.” He alleged that after the strike “we stand not only on the threshold, but already on the edge, beyond which, if the enemy is not stopped in such actions, an irreversible collapse in the strategic security of nuclear powers will begin”.

Rogozin - who as Russian space agency chief played a key role in the testing of the Satan-2 - or Sarmat - rocket, the country’s most powerful weapon due to come soon, said: “Washington has ordered a crime, hiring an irresponsible bandit trying to damage our missile attack warning systems facility, which is a key element of the Combat Command System for Strategic Nuclear Forces.”

Pro-war Telegram channel Military Informant said: “The enemy carried out a direct attack on a component of Russian nuclear security. A natural question arises whether there will be at least some tangible reaction to such a strike or whether it will be possible to continue poking at long-range radars with impunity, blinding the surveillance sectors of the domestic missile and space defence.”

Ukraine likely attacked because the facility could give early warning over occupied Crimea. Its main viewing area is seen as the Balkans and the Mediterranean. It is one of ten such radar stations in Russia and may take 18 months to repair. Putin replaced ex-deputy premier Rogozin as head of the space agency, and subsequently sanctioned him last year becoming a senator for United Russia party.

Sarmat is the largest missile in Putin’s nuclear arsenal, described as an “unstoppable” apocalypse 208-ton intercontinental silo-launched 15,880mph weapon, the size of a 14-storey tower block. Before properly going into service it is expected to be tested over the South Pole.

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