World's 10 safest holiday spots named as UK travellers warned to check latest advice before booking

Tokyo, the capital of Japan
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For those of us keen on overseas holidays, it's often a case of smooth running and a fantastic time. However, being cautious is always advised.

Naturally, some destinations are perceived as safer than others. As you start to ponder what to pack, one main piece of advice is to consult the UK Government's travel guidance for any potential hazards.

Keep in mind that this information can change more quickly than our native weather, so stay updated up until your departure date.

A top tip when booking your holiday?

Don't forget to sort out travel insurance at the same time and give the policy a good browse to familiarise yourself with what you're covered for. Safety-minded Brits might be wondering where to head for their next global adventure?, reports the Mirror.

The fellows over at Planet Cruise have been hitting the books and scanning the globe for the safest places for travellers, assessing factors like the local hospitality and average hotel costs, according to the Express. And who took first place for the safest destination of choice?

Its Tokyo! Not only is Japan's bustling capital known to be exceptionally safe but also filled to the brim with activities and attractions. Checking out Ueno Park whilst in Tokyo should be a priority, especially for visitors eager to view the city's signature cherry blossoms in all their delightful beauty.

A recent tripadvisor review aptly captured the experience: "Went during cherry blossom season and this place was absolutely beautiful! Just wish I got to see more pink cherry blossoms! ".

'Selva' shared their experience saying: "I was lucky to visit Ueno Park in the sakura season. There are big, beautiful sakura trees at the entrance of the park."

Travellers to Japan are advised by the UK Government that "Crime levels are low across Japan, but you should maintain the same level of vigilance as you would at home and take sensible precautions."

Although Asian spots were dominant in reflecting traveller safety, Prague, the capital of Czechia, was confirmed as the safest city in Europe. Budapest, Vienna, Rome, and Bucharest also secured their places in the list, hinting to British vacation-goers that they might be slightly more affordable alternatives to Tokyo.

Safest holiday destinations

  1. Tokyo, Japan

  2. Prague, Czechia

  3. Beijing, China

  4. Hanoi, Vietnam

  5. Shanghai, China

  6. Chiang Mai, Thailand

  7. Budapest, Hungary

  8. Vienna, Austria

  9. Rome, Italy

  10. Bucharest, Romania