The world’s most famous chain-smoking toddler is now a healthy eight-year-old

At two years old, Aldi Suganda became famous around the world as a chain-smoking toddler.

Addicted to cigarettes, the toddler from South Sumatra smoked two packs every day and struggled to give up.

But six years on Aldi, also known as Aldi Rizal, has kicked the 40-a-day habit and made a full recovery.

<em>Chain-smoker – Aldi’s addiction at the age of two made headlines around the world (Pictures: YouTube/ITN)</em>
Chain-smoker – Aldi’s addiction at the age of two made headlines around the world (Pictures: YouTube/ITN)

The eight-year-old told CNN: “I am happy now. I feel more enthusiastic, and my body is feeling fresh.”

The little boy, who reportedly started smoking when he was 18 months old, described the difficulty in stopping, battling dizzy spells and a sour taste in his mouth.

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His mother Diana said Aldi would throw tantrums if she withheld cigarettes from him or refused to give him money to buy them.

“He (would) start to smash his head to the wall. He was crazy, hurting himself if he didn’t get a cigarette,” she said.

<em>Recovered – Now eight, Aldi has kicked the habit</em>
Recovered – Now eight, Aldi has kicked the habit

The youngest of three boys, Aldi is not alone in the children on Indonesian islands who smoke. The country has one of the highest rates of adolescent and child smokers in the world and more than 267,000 children there are reportedly estimated to use tobacco products every day.

His mother told CNN his addiction began with peer pressure and exposure to smokers who he would have seen regularly when he accompanied her to the market where she sells vegetables grown on their land.

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