World's First 'Living Coffin' Gives Human Nutrients Back To Nature

This is the world's first 'living coffin'. The Loop Living Coffin is made of mushroom mycelium, the vegetative part of fungus that grows underground. It speeds decomposition, removes toxic chemicals and helps trees grow. TU Delft researcher Bob Hendrikx designed the Living Cocoon with the aim of creating an eco-friendly coffin that would help the body to compost more efficiently and produce richer conditions in the surrounding soil. It can typically take over a decade for a body to decompose inside a traditional coffin. The coffin itself, which is varnished and has metal fixtures, can take even longer. As Loop actually assists in the decomposition by actively contributing to composting it's believed that it can speed up the process to just two or three years. After months of testing, the first funeral using the eco-friendly coffin took place in September. A mycelium casket costs under £1,150, which is far cheaper than a wooden coffin, Loop expects the price to fall significantly as production intensifies and, Hendrikx hopes, mycelium caskets become “a new normal”. For more information on The Loop Living Coffin visit