World's oldest scientist who 'regrets living to 104' arrives in Switzerland to end his life

Dr David Goodall arrives in Switzerland ahead of ending his life at an assisted dying clinic (Picture: AP)

The world’s oldest scientist has arrived in Switzerland in defiant mood just days before he will end his life at an assisted dying clinic.

Australian botanist and ecologist Dr David Goodall, who was born in London, plans to end his life at the age of 104 at a euthanasia facility.

He arrived in Basel on Monday after a flight from Bordeaux, France, where he had initially travelled to say goodbye to his family.

When asked at the Swiss airport if he still planned to end his life, Dr Goodall replied: “Oh yes, that’s what I’m here for.”

Dr Goodall, from Perth, said: “I am glad to arrive and I’ll be even more glad when further steps of my journey are completed. When I get to the hotel, for example, and when I meet the doctor.’

He added: “Once one passes the age of 50 or 60, one should be free to decide for oneself whether one wants to go on living or not.”

He had previously said that he regretted living into his hundreds.

Dr Goodall does not suffer from a terminal illness but says his quality of life has deteriorated in the past few years.


On Tuesday, the former university lecturer is expected to meet a doctor to discuss his mental state and then he will hold a news conference on Wednesday.

On Thursday, he plans to end his life by taking a dosage of drugs.

Dr David Goodall wants to end his life (Picture: Exit International)

He said he was “a bit sorry to say goodbye to my family in Bordeaux. But that’s the way it was.”

Pro-euthanasia group Exit International raised money through crowdfunding to cover Dr Goodall’s travel costs from Australia to Switzerland.

The botanist and ecologist was born in London in 1914 and went to Australia in 1948, becoming a lecturer at the University of Melbourne.

He celebrated his 104th birthday last month.