World's smallest cocktail bar has opened its doors inside a UK PHONE BOX

The world's smallest cocktail bar has opened its doors inside a city centre PHONE BOX - with barely enough room to fit more than one customer.

The tiny 8ft high x 3ft wide bar has been launched on Temple Row, Birmingham, inside a disused iconic red K2 phone box.

Punters will have just 10 minutes each inside to sample from a selection of three cocktails - Jam Jar Daiquiri, Pornstar Martini and Bramley Apple Smash.

The Cocktail Club opened the pop-up boozer on Thursday (1/9) and it will remain operating from the phone box until tomorrow (Sat).

The first day was an invite-only event but customers can now sample the drinks with no bookings required from between 3pm and 8pm.

JJ Goodman, co-founder of The Cocktail Club, said, “I am so excited to be hosting this pop up in Birmingham.

"The World’s Smallest Cocktail Bar, as far as we’re aware, is serving a handful of our signature cocktails to the people of Birmingham.

"We thought as we are opening the biggest cocktail club we have ever opened here it would be sensible to open the smallest cocktail club we have ever opened as well.

"It’s been a little bit tricky because I'm 6ft 3ins but I've managed to squeeze in there."

One customer to try one of the phone box cocktails was 21-year-old student Kyla Moore, of Edgbaston, Birmingham.

She said: "I think it's a pretty cool idea, but its obviously not really a place you can go on a night with the girls because you can't all fit in there.

"The Pornstar Martini was lovely though. The lack of space they had to prepare it in doesn't seem to have impacted the quality of the cocktail.

"It just needs a little sound system in there and I'd happily spend more time here. It's definitely the tiniest bar I have ever drank in.

"And it's certainly a good way of giving our classic phone boxes a new lease of life as well."

The Cocktail Club's permanent bar in the city is set to open on nearby Temple Street on September 29.